Grand Republic Commandos 

- Clan Roster - 


Other Names- NA

xFire- duderules66


Other Names- NA

xFire- ewokinarmor0


Other Names-The Rebellion

xFire- grcrodri


Other Names-ARC-LM; Raptor

xFire- arcommandolm


Other Names-NA

xFire- appo96


Other Names-NA

xFire- NA


Other Names- {DarkSith}DarthScabrous

xFire- calgrc


Other Names-{Alpha}Maj.Sam

xFire- sredder


Other Names- NA

xFire- NA


Other Names- {DarkSith}SiZzOrS{Snp}

xFire- ghirahim


Other Names - BOB.Pro.Norwood

xFire- norwood96

This is an official page dedicated to the name(s) and contact information of all GRC members. This page will include members GRC Tag with Rank, their known Gaming Names, xfire, and other contact information. 

Anyone claiming to be a Commando who is not on this list must be referred to a member of High Command. This list will be updated often and will always be accurate. If in doubt, check the list. Accept no impostors.