Grand Republic Commandos 

- Ranks -

Official Ranking System 

High Command - All must be elected or chosen by General. 

General- Gen. - Full authority of the Army. Are elected and can choose one Vice. Maximum of 3. 

Vice General - ViG. - Chosen by Gnl. to help lead. Power close to that of a Commander. 

Commander - Cmd. - Controls a sector of the clan. Are elected.

Technician - Tch. - Manages website, recruit training and oversees relations and internal affairs.


Officers - Can form squads, be voted to High Command, must be promoted by High Command.  

Brigadier- Brg. - Highest promotable position. Can rank any enlisted to rank Lieutenant.  

Major - Mjr. - Chosen from dedicated FdM. Can promote up to rank Sargent. 

Field Marshall - FdM. - Must be promoted by Commander or General. 

Enlisted - All enlisted rank up overtime due to dedication; no skill required. 

Lieutenant- Lnt. - Stepping stone to Officer Ranks

Warden- Wdn. - Can now actively Recruit

Sargent- Sgt. - Can now vote in clan elections

Private- Pvt. - Now an official clan member

Recruit- Rec. - Designated rank for all new members for 2 weeks 

Chain of Command


Vices Generals and Local Commander

Technician and Non-Local Commander



Field Marshall

All Enlisted Ranks

The chain of command is a system used to determine the final say in particular orders or arguments. You may "pull rank" or give an order to anyone lower than you on the chain of command. Anyone found abusing this power will be investigated by members of the Tech Program.