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General Information 

GRC has officially lost in the ICW4. While it would be nice to be able to say we "fought hard" and "did our best", however to say that would be a lie. I would like to congratulate the ONLY members who made an honest effort to attend battles. These members are as follows:

  • Rodriguez
  • Evolutions
  • Appo
  • 38
  • Cal440
  • Mirky
The REST of GRC members did not show to a single ICW4 Battle. This is quite a sad show from a group of troops who were so "committed" to the return of the Commandos. I hope that maybe with some recruiting and ACTUAL MEMBER PARTICIPATION that GRC will return to its former glory as a fun clan who cared nothing more that to help others out.

Until then I would like to award the NON GRC memebers who put more effort into our succes that some of our very own memebers did. These Non-GRC tried true and hard to ensure that GRC stood a fighting chance.  We owe it to them for surviving week one and hopefully we can see them again soon as clan allies. 
  • Kelle
  • Oven
  • Andyer
  • JR the Noob
  • All the good men of BOB

Promotions and New Recruits 

Congratulations to: 

Duderules66 promoted to rank General

38 promoted to rank General

GRC Rec Mirky is now promted to Rank Warden by authority of GRC Tech Rodri

New Recruits: